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Get a 360° Pilot’s Eye View of Golden Age Aircraft

Bethel, PA — The Golden Age Air Museum recently hosted their biannual “Flying Circus” airshow and as always, a great time was had by all.  We were fortunate enough to be allowed access to capture 360° pilot’s eye view images from many of their aircraft. Take a rare look inside many of the museum’s historic aircraft.

Learn more about the Golden Age Air Museum here.


●   Wait for the images to load then click and drag your mouse over each image in all directions to pan around in 360°

●   View in full screen by clicking on the square icon in the lower left of each image – hit Esc or click the cross icon in the lower right to escape full screen view


1918 Curtiss JN4D “Jenny”


1916 Sopwith Pup (replica)


1918 Fokker Dr.1 (replica)


1930 Fleet 7


1931 Bird CK


1936 Aeronca C3 “Master”


1917 Rumpler C.V (replica)



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