Hixson Museum of Flight acquires one and only Douglas BTD-1 Destroyer

Rome, GA – The only BTD-1 Destroyer aircraft in existence has made its way to Richard B. Russell Regional Airport to be part of the Hixson Museum of Flight exhibit that has moved to Rome, GA.

According to Hixson Museum of Flight Board Member Peter O’Hare, the BTD-1 Destroyer was manufactured in 1944 by Douglas Aircraft Corp. as a torpedo bomber during World War II, however because the war ended in 1945, these planes never saw combat.

The last BTD-1 Destroyer in existence is unloaded at Richard B Russel Airport in Rome on Wednesday morning, Sept. 23 2015. (Sarah Lane/RN-T)

This particular plane has the unique title of being the first and the last Destroyer to be built on the assembly line. It was the first prototype to be built and, after it was completed, the Navy wanted to modify the design for future Destroyers so it was held on the side while the rest of the planes were built.

After the war ended, the Navy canceled production of the plane after Douglas Aircraft had built 28 planes including the prototype. The navy decided that the planes would be used for test flights so they had to modify the prototype — making it the last of the BTD-1 Destroyers to emerge from the assembly line.

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